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Solution platform of the sector
Innovation and last technological developments is being exhibited in 3T
3T, Metal Processing, Mould and Automation Technologies Fair, March 8 to 11, 2012 date is the 10th time, will be held in Izmir International Fairground.

The Eurasian region, which is one of the largest metal processing technologies in 3T to take part in trade fairs, participants and visitors the chance to access to one of the world's most rapidly developing markets have the potential, while the formation of partnerships and new technological trends, identify future business gives the opportunity. For years, 3T Fair which brings together many local and foreign companies, investors, and a lot of research provides a new opportunity to make connections with the supplier.

Visitors at the same time, many countries in the world the opportunity to meet with the companies to capture new technologies, new projects, investment and eliminates loss of time and energy to research. Also visitors can compare of all systems and machines in terms of technological level and prices.

The machine in the world, mould, automation technologies for the field produced at the same time offering all the 3T Fair, for visitors who want to give the right decision for investment in a technology platform is very important.

3T is one of the biggest Metal Working Fairs of Eurasia

3T is the unique sectoral fair which bands three basic production process such as CNC Machine Technology, Industrial Design and Automation. This concept which reduces costs providing quality and productivity and makes the global competition sustainable lights the way for manufacturers.

In these sense, 3T Fair is solution partner of industrialists and it provides the production processes to be managed integrated and very comprehensive assembling CNC Metal Working Machines, Mould and Mould Design and Automation Techniques

Quality, precise and accurate production, productivity, standardization, minimum cost, production without wastage constitutes key solutions of 3T Fair, and this structure of power and synergy generates demand for manufacturers.

The participants that make registrations to 3T Fair which will be organized by Yagmur Fuarcılık in 2012, as the previous years will be a solution partner of many manufacturers and will provide new investments, by being the part of this synergic structure.

Integrated Technology concept:

* Metal Working Technology

* Mould Technology

* Automation Technology
Big success at commercial productivity
The presentations and advertisements made in domestic and abroad increase the number of professional visitors. 3T Fair hosted 7.728 visitors from 37 cities and 12 countries in the last organization in 2011. The industrialists both from domestic and abroad that have hot demand focused on the fair through one to one announcements. Consequently commercial productivity and volume of the fair have increased.

Fair offered participants opportunity to direct commercial connection and sales, potential sale, developing portfolio, reinforcing current customer relations, developing brand and presenting their innovations. Also the visitors took an opportunity to see the last technologies, to compare brand and the product diversity of many companies in the same line in terms of technology, design and price.
Purchase commissions from 20 cities
So as to draw the investors and require companies to 3T Fair, integrating the metal working technologies, industrial design and industrial control, free bus tours are being arranged from industrialized cities. The committee of industrialists come together with fair participants in the organizations which are arranged by the collaboration of various trade associations.

The cities where the bus tours arranged from are as follows; Konya, Adapazarı, Kayseri, Gaziantep, Ankara, Karabuk, Bursa, Uşak, Denizli, Isparta, Balıkesir, Eskişehir, Aydın, Çanakkale, Mersin, Adana, Kırklareli, Bilecik, Karaman and Kütahya.

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